Timeless Advice You Need to Give Your Teens Today

Times May Change But The Advice Doesn't

We asked women of all ages and walks of life what one piece of advice they would offer their 16 year-old selves. Pass it on to a teen you know, because even though they will probably just roll their eyes and not listen, maybe one or two pieces will sink in and save them some heartache.

Your body will never look better so stop complaining and throw on a bikini STAT!
Christine C.

Stop chasing boys, you are a lesbian.
Vibeke V.

You're not fat.
Barb A.

Use birth control every time no matter what he says.
Robin F.

Buy shares in Google.
Corla R.

Please don't smoke; you'll regret it when you're older.
Michelle B.

It is both a waste of time and limiting to care about what others may think.
Heather C.

You are amazing, smart and beautiful, don't forget that.
Sabrina H.

Deb at 19

Make it a habit to take care of yourself now by being active. Run, bike, swim, rock climb, yoga, basketball, hike - find something you love, and keep doing it.
Deb L.

Love yourself.
Deanna E.

Workout and eat well because the body does some strange things as you get older and you need to keep it healthy.
Alysha M.

Follow your dreams!
Jenny M.

Google and Apple, buy as much as you can.
Matthew M.

Just because your heart is broken, it doesn't mean your spirit has to be
  Lorianne W.

Respect and love yourself more!
Kelly S.

You are stronger than you think
Debbie H.

Never accept less than you deserve it will take you on a path no one should ever walk.
Kathleen W.

Go where you need to go to succeed.
Harmony T.
Jeni M at 16
You are not someone's missing half.
Jeni M

Don't spend foolishly, stand up for yourself, and know your worth.
Kim H.

Loosen up, have some fun, get in a little trouble, allow yourself not to be quite so focused, and travel after school.
Kim B.

You are worthy and deserving of love; in order to be happy you must learn to love you too!
Erin C.

The bad boys that you like so much will grow up to be bad men, which is a totally different thing!
Leah X.

Save more, travel more and get that bike license you want.
Sonia S.

You'll never believe this, but that tall cool guy you've never spoken to is going to become the love of your life, the father of your children, and one of the kindest people you know.
Jennifer W.

Your parents actually know what they are talking about.
Kelly L.
Candace at 17

Today is not forever ..
Rebecca Y.

Save your money and travel as much as you can.
Eilla B.

Think about what is best for YOUR future and prepare for it.
Melanie P.

Believe in yourself.
Krista S.

You are MORE than enough!
Laureen P.

You are amazing and beautiful and stronger than you think: your strength will see you through to the other side, as long as you believe in yourself.
Kim G.

Don't sacrifice everything about you for those who wouldn't hold you up.
Sherry S.

You're worth more than you think and don't settle out of fear.
Lynn M.
Natalie at 15

Dont care so much about what other people think; be yourself and stand up for what you believe.
Suzanne K.

Listen to the voice in your head, heed the warnings, do what feels good in your heart for you, never for anyone else.
Jessica S.

Stay in school.
Pamela W.

Dream big and then go for it!
Cathy C.

Believe you are beautiful to your very core, and all the rest will fall into place.
Kelly F.

Perms are not for you, no matter what your mom thinks.
Sarah F.

Listen to your mother.
Jamie L.

You have all the time in the world to grow up, just be young.
Maggie R.
Nicole at 16

Live for you...not trying to be who you think others want you to be.
Michelle D.

Be true to yourself.. all the answers and happiness lies within you.
Erika R.

You are smart and beautiful so write your heart out for one day the world will beg you to read it.
Rachel R.

Don't be so self-righteous and judgemental, it's easier to screw up than you think - you'll see.
Cathy F.

The boys aren't paying attention to you because they think you're pretty, funny, or smart. You're not ready yet, and you have the rest of your life to have sex. If it doesn't feel right, say no and mean it. If they respect you, they will stop. If they don't, don't worry about hurting his feelings and DEFEND YOURSELF!
Amy W.

Cris T.

Dump his ass.
Katharine H.
Andrea at 17

Jennifer S.

Love yourself, your pant size does not define who you are and keep saving your money and take that trip to Europe on your own.
Sandra L.

Embrace your weirdness and quit taking life so seriously, because life has serious moments but it's not serious.
Mary W.

Your better and smarter and beautiful.. believe it live it and love yourself! See yourself the way others who love you do. You got this!!!
Brandi K.

Don't settle for the easy way because you really can do it if you believe in yourself.
Carolyn A.

Care more about others, because they really do care about you, stop being so selfish, you look amazing, listen to your parents, and finally, High School ends, it's just a small portion of your life, it's not the end of the world.
Alicia N.

Don't give up. You have what it takes to get through it all.
Nicky B.

You don't know as much as you think you do so listen.
Laurie M.

Don't let others define your worth.
Candace P.

Your road will be brutally hard, but you will come out on top, so hang tough.
Kelly F.

Don't underestimate your talents.
Jodi G.

Save your money!
Ariane G.

Life is short, slow down and enjoy it.
Kathryn A.

And finally, wise words from this smart mom....
Katja W at 17

Never, ever, ever drink Peach Schnapps.
Katja W.


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