What Will You Do If It Rains On Halloween?

Will you brave the storm or make alternative trick-or-treat plans?

rainy halloween

Since Halloween falls on the very last day of October, many kids in Canada need to wear winter coats (and hats and mitts too) over their awesome and creative Halloween costumes. Sure kids often grumble about it, but they aren't going to let Canadian fall temperatures keep them from all of the trick-or-treating and visits to neighborhood haunted houses. Occasionally, in addition to the blustery weather, we get something extra to, quite literally, dampen the fun—rain.

Rain on Halloween!

We took to all of our favourite forms of social media to find out what you and your kids have planned for a possibly rainy Halloween night. Most parents, unsurprisingly, are not planning to get a little rain get in the way.

"Pick up see-through rain ponchos that will go over the kids' costumes without covering them, and carry a big umbrella!"

"It rained in Toronto last year. We took the kids out for a short time and then had a few of our friends bring all of their kids and their candy over to our house and they got to "trick or treat" by picking candies from our giant stashes. The kids had fun and we stayed pretty dry. We'll do that again this year."

"Wellies 'n brellies!"

"We'll take the kids to a few houses with an umbrella but probably eat pizza and give out candy mostly."

"My advice? Don't knock the mall. While I was opposed to mall trick-or-treating it actually turned out to be a great experience. You didn't have to worry about cars, the kids could wear their costumes without winter coats, and there was a reasonable amount of candy that was handed out."

"Bring on the wet stuff! The grosser it is outside, the more candy for us...er I mean THE KIDS! bwahaha"

"We did it last year. We'll do it again this year."

"Rain or shine."

"We'll go out and get wet. Well, my husband will take the kids out and THEY will get wet."

"Is it bad that I'm looking forward to a rainy Halloween. Last year it rained and the up side was that my son wanted to go home after just a block — less candy, Hurray!"

"Out in the rain we go. We aren't made of sugar but fully intend to eat ridiculous amounts of it—it's the Canadian way."

"My kids are old enough to go out by themselves (11 & 14) so THEY will get wet. Not us."

"We still go out but fill our flasks with hot drinks instead of cold."


So, there you have it. It seems to be the Canadian way to not let the rain get the candy-getting adventures down. You can always opt for staying in—and staying dry—and handing out candy, or braving the malls on Halloween night, or even imprompu get-togethers with friends to have your very own mini-trick-or-treat at home.

What will YOU do?




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