Teaching Our Teens To Be Away From Their Phones

We need to teach our teens how to be away from their phones.
If a teen already has a phone, set up a schedule where they are away from it. And when introducing a phone to a child, post a schedule where they must put it away. Acknowledge the panic feelings that can set in when the phone is away, and talk about strategies to overcome this feeling. Remember, your kids are watching how you use your phone, so make a schedule for yourself and be sure to stick to it!

Andrea Loewen Nair is a former teacher & psychotherapist and founder of Infinity School in London, Ontario Canada. She specializes in the connection between parents and their children and also teacher-coaching. She has been our most-read writer at YMC for 2013, 2014 and 2015! Andrea's parenting and teaching help can be found here and on her social media.