Buying Condoms For Our Teens

Who Knew There Were So Many Choices?

Buying Condoms For Our Teens

A few years ago, hubby and I decided to be proactive parents and purchase condoms for our teenagers. We thought this would be an easy taskI mean condoms are condoms, and when we were teenagers there were not many choices. Off we went to our nearest pharmacy and weren’t we surprised when what we saw was not just a few condoms, but an entire wall of condoms. There were coloured, tinted, dry or powdered, ribbed, studded, textured, lubricated, non-lubricated, and, of course, flavoured (eww). As we looked at the wall, we giggled like teenagers buying their first condom for that very important night.

After we finally settled down, we looked at the display seriously. We had no idea what to buy. Obviously we wanted a condom that would stop a pregnancy from occurring, and we wanted one that would stop STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). So, after much thought and more giggling, we decided on the old standbythe Trojan condomseeing as it had been around for years, it must work. So, no coloured, tinted, studded, textured, or flavoured, just one heavy-duty condom. When we arrived home with our package, I opened it and put them in the top drawer in the upstairs bathroom. We told the teenagers there would be no questions asked, just take a condom or two when needed, and when the drawer was empty, we would replace them.

A few years went by and though it looked like a few had gone missing, the majority of condoms were still in the upstairs drawer. Yes, we bought the largest package available, and, no, I don’t know why either. So, during one of our dinner-time conversations (where, in our family, everything is discussed), we asked how come there were so many condoms still in the drawer. Immediately, our eldest spoke and said, “Mom, dad, you guys bought heavy-duty condoms, you can’t feel a thing with them.” Laughter ensued as I tried to explain that what we were looking for was utmost safety, and we honestly didn’t even consider feeling. He and the other two then added that if they needed condoms, they would buy their own. Well, the heavy-duty condoms are there if you need them and, again, we will replace them, maybe with something less heavy-duty.

Are you proactive parents? Would you peruse the condom aisle?

Mother of three young adults. Our eldest, recently moved out. Middle daughter, graduated from university, and is just finishing graduate school. The youngest is in his third year of university in another province.

I love camping in the wilderness of Algonquin Provincial Park which always includes one portage. I have a wonderful, patient husband who will carry all the gear and do most of the paddling. I also love cooking and spending time with our beagle Cocoa and middle child's dog Bear, who also lives with us.

More about me: 1st accident April 27th, 1979, five cars hit the city bus I am on. 2nd accident May 6th, 1979, city bus smashes into truck (I am on the bus). 3rd accident May 6th, 1983, car coming towards us, totals drivers side of car. Years of physiotherapy and massage therapy ensue. Pain meds, muscle relaxants, etc. 4th accident, May 1989, I am seven months pregnant when we are rear ended. 1st back surgery at age 40; 2nd back surgery, two years later. Both are failures. As of 2006, I am permanently disabled and unable to work. I suffer from chronic pain and chronic muscle spasms (I fall a lot), permanent numbness and tingling from the waist down caused by damaged nerves in back, sitting is extremely painful, add in degenerative disc disease, arthritis in all my joints & back, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, three bulging discs in my neck.

I am thankful for a very patient husband, and three kids who will do anything for me.

Life does go on, it is just altered.

I was born a redhead, but now I have to pay for it. My mind still works but my body hates me.