I always thought that the pronouncement of a pregnancy should merit an offer of congratulations, or at least a wish for the best of luck.
I am here to speak for the teen moms who are shamed for being teen moms. I am here to be their voice.
We lived in a town with no birthing facilities so we had to make an extraordinary trip out of town and fund our own accommodations.
Research reveals two strategies women can use to lower the risks of stillbirth.
My story is not the norm - but sometimes your birth plan can go out the window. Way, way out.
I happen to believe that my family is absolutely perfect just the way it is.
I couldn’t even utter the words to my husband for the first little while.
Healthy mom and healthy babe is what's important. But whether by choice or necessity, these are a few things I've learned about the aftermath of a c-section.