What Is A Doula
Having someone continuously support you during labour and delivery can change how you experience childbirth.
For what it's worth, there is nothing in any parenting book that prepares you for this conversation.
Research about Cannabis while pregnant
If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you probably want to put the joints and edibles away for a few years.
by: Erica Ehm
Mom and baby
Barely able to choke out the reading through my tears, I was mortified at having allowed the baggage of my birth to enter this sacred space.
A throwback from the depths of pregnancy… Spoiler Alert: The glow was a lie.
covid vaccine and pregnancy and breastfeeding
New Canadian Studies Look at the Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
It’s a brilliant psychological trick necessary for the survival of our species, I suppose - make us forget so we do it all over again. It’s pregnancy amnesia.
Expanding your family (or not) shouldn’t be dealt with in a public forum