Your Pregnancy Week 3

Time To Ditch the Cat Minding Duties

by: YMC
Your Pregnancy Week 3

CONGRATULATIONS! You might now finally, at long last, after the past two - three weeks of very hard work, be pregnant! Do the dance of joy while you still can, before you can't see your feet anymore and your centre of gravity goes haywire. Even though in reality you are only a measly few hours pregnant, it is never too soon to start getting answers to questions that are probably buzzing around your brain. A great resource is the Mayo Clinic In-Depth Pregnancy FAQ page.

A few of the signs of early pregnancy aren't much different from the blissful things you will feel for the rest of this crazy process: a sudden urge to pee, moodiness, fatigue, sulkiness, possible nausea/morning sickness, irritability, breast tenderness, grumpiness, a sharpened sense of smell, short-temperedness, petulance and possibly some minor touchiness or cantankerousness. Just relax; take a nap and look forward to next week when you can take that life-changing pregnancy test.

One huge benefit of pregnancy for those who have cats – no more changing the kitty litter anymore! You don't have to ditch the feline, just get someone else to change the litter. There is a risk of toxoplasmosis infection, which it is possible you've already had, but in case you haven't, let your significant other or an extremely friendly neighbour or family member clean the cat box for a while.

No matter where you’re at in your pregnancy our guide will keep you up-to-date. Find out more about what’s happening to your body here.