Your Pregnancy Week 39

Starting Labour

by: YMC
Your Pregnancy Week 39

Just as there are old wives tales for figuring out the gender and due date of the baby (-who-seems-like-they-will-never-be-born), there are some very interesting theories for how to start labour. If haven’t had the baby yet at 39 weeks, expect to start hearing them (if you haven’t already).

  Sex - The old favourite. Depending on the individual by this late stage you’re either loving it or hating it. There are also theories that suggest oral sex allows the prostaglandins to be better absorbed, but you might prefer keeping that nugget of information to yourself

  Castor Oil - While it tastes awful (it’s oil, of course it tastes awful), word on the street is that it can be mixed with orange juice, though it does tend to separate. Also it can be quite hard on your heart so don’t do this without discussing it with your medical provider first.

  Walking - Activity will often help labour along but likely won’t start it…it can’t possibly be that easy. If you’re going alone take a cell phone along. Just. In. Case.

  Fresh Pineapple - Apparentlyhelps your body release the enzyme bromelain which softens the cervix. Eating Curry – again it seems if it makes you pooh it’s a goer!

  Blowing up balloons - It might create abdominal pressure to help shove that stubborn baby down to the birth canal.

  Nipple Stimulation - 15 minutes each nipple over several hours in order to stimulate the release of hormones that may trigger labour. Initially sounds like fun, but it might get boring after a while. You could try using a breast pump. Hook it up, go for a brisk walk while eating some pineapple and having had curry for dinner. Oh and blow up a balloon and have some sex while you’re at it. Maybe they all need to be combined…

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