Your Pregnancy Week 12

Heartburn Help

by: YMC
Your Pregnancy Week 12

Another lovely symptom of the increased amounts of progesterone (ironically, being pregnant is probably the closest any women ever comes to being a man) is heartburn or acid indigestion. The discomfort may range from mildly annoying to intense and distracting. Thank goodness, it is fairly simple to prevent heartburn. Try eating smaller meals, drinking more water, going for an after-meal walk. Also, avoid fried, spicy, and fatty foods.  None of this should be difficult, since way back in week 2 or 3 you cleaned up your diet and are only eating the best foods possible, right?! RIIIIIGHT.

Along with all the physical changes your body goes through during pregnancy, dreams seem to get more vivid. Some women dream they're about to give birth to a small animal or that they've been taken over by aliens. Enjoy them – in fact, enjoy that you're actually asleep long enough to have dreams, because in not too many months from now there will be someone else demanding your attention every. single. moment.

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