Your Pregnancy Week 1

The First Trimester

by: YMC
Your Pregnancy Week 1

In the beginning…

You aren't pregnant, but you are likely hoping to be soon and heading in that direction. You've bought the fancy underwear, you dug the candles out of the bottom kitchen drawer and you're making sexy plans for about a week or two from now. This week however, romance is likely one of the few things not on your mind as you are in the midst of what will hopefully be your last menstrual period for a while. To keep you from eating all the chips and chocolate your fingers can snag, try calculating your soon-to-be-conceived baby's due date based on the date of this period.

Now is a good time to put a muzzle on bad habits (smoking, drug use, certain medications, drinking and other risky behaviours) and you may want to start taking folic acid (a B vitamin that prevents brain and neural-tube birth defects in children), which works best if you take it before conception and in the early days of pregnancy. You also want to eat well, and drink lots of water, but don't start eating everything in sight just yet. Leave that for when you're actually pregnant. You also might want to try to say something at least slightly nice to the daddy-to-be this week as he is going to have to help you out with that oh-so-troublesome conception bit rather soon.

Your Pregnancy Week 2

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