Month 2 of Your Pregnancy

Here's What You Can Expect This Month

by: YMC
Month 2 of Your Pregnancy

A week by week pregnancy resource that gives you the down-and-dirty truths of your journey towards motherhood. Here's week 5 - 8.

Your Pregnancy Week 5

In Week 5, sesame seeds take on new meaning...


Your Pregnancy Week 6

In Week 6 you're going to feel like doing these things more and more...


Your Pregnancy Week 7

In Week 7 this may start to swing alot...


Your Pregnancy Week 8

In Week 8, your body is responding to food in one of two ways...



Your Pregnancy Month 1

No matter where you’re at in your pregnancy our guide will keep you up-to-date. Find out more about what’s happening to your body here.