Bond With Baby Before Birth

In my work as a professional psychic and channel, I discovered many years ago that the spirits of unborn babies hover around their chosen mothers-to-be, eager to begin the bonding process…long before their physical birth takes place! On a daily basis, I was conveying messages from soon-to-be-born babies to their birth mothers, which I found incredibly exciting.       

However, because I was single for so many of those years, I had no real firsthand knowledge about how it felt to have a child actually choose me as a mother or what it might feel like to communicate with my very own unborn baby. 

I finally met my Mr. Wonderful after the age of forty. Soon after we got married, I visited with my OB/GYN for a routine exam. I was absolutely thrilled at the thought of starting a family. My doctor quietly explained that although I was in excellent health, my pregnancy was considered “high risk,” simply because of my age. In fact, he went on to say that it was somewhat unlikely that I would ever conceive, even with fertility help. Unbeknownst to me, my fertility had been slowly ebbing away and now my dream of becoming a mother could be lost forever!

I fled his office in tears, consumed by an excruciating emotional pain that I had never felt before. I didn’t know what to think—or do? Why had it taken so long for my soul mate to come into my life, I asked angrily? I stood outside the doctor’s office sobbing, and I suddenly heard a voice—inside my head—say, “Don’t cry, Mommy! I’m coming! I’m going to be your little boy!”

The voice was clear and unmistakable. Now, for the first time, I heard a child’s voice speaking to me! From the channeling I had conducted for other women, I knew that this little soul had chosen me for a mother from all of the other millions of women in the world! I dried my tears and began to listen—in absolute awe—to what he wanted to tell me.

My unborn son reassured me that it was my destiny to have children later in life and that everything would go very smoothly. He told me when he would be conceived; when he would be born; that his health inutero, as well as my prenatal health, was going to be vigorous; and, why he had chosen my husband and me for parents.

I raced home and got on the Internet, keen to find information about the pre-birth bonding process. I couldn’t find any. I did, however, discover a large number of negative, pessimistic articles and stories related to conception, pregnancy, labor and delivery…even for women in their twenties. In fact, I read an interview online given by a prominent OB/GYN who was quoted as saying that if any woman over forty claimed to have conceived without fertility help…she was a liar! I felt my hope fading. Maybe my doctor was right? Maybe I was too old? Perhaps I was kidding myself…?

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My unborn baby began to communicate again, filled with enthusiasm about our future together. I realized that I had to make a choice. I could focus on all of the negativity and allow my dream to slip away; or, I could muster the courage and strength to pursue my dream of becoming a mother. I took the risk and decided to listen to what my unborn baby was sharing. I knew that he would help ne prevail.

My husband and I began the prenatal journey of a thousand miles by taking the first step—trying to conceive—and we never looked back. I had two healthy children—at 44 and 45—without any fertility help, just as my unborn babies (a son, and then a daughter) had reassured me throughout each of the pregnancies.

After my babies were born, an increasing number of women asked me about how I made it happen. I remembered that I hadn’t found a book written about prenatal mother/baby bonding. It was my unborn babies who had given me the courage to prevail, and I suddenly knew that I wanted to write about the extraordinary phenomenon. I had already published my first book, How to Talk With Your Angels, and the idea of writing a book about communicating with the spirits of unborn babies became a mission.

To gauge possible interest in the project, I announced that I was writing the book on my website. I was shocked when women from all over the world—in all walks of life—and of all different ages, wrote to me with their own stories of prenatal communication with the little souls who were going to be their babies. In fact, I received a number of emails from women who were already bonding with the spirits of their babies…babies who had not yet been conceived!

Bond with Your Baby Before Birth is a celebration of motherhood, whether you’re a biological or adoptive parent. The book features many of the inspiring, true life stories about prenatal mother/baby bonding that were shared with me by women from across the globe, as well as my simple step-by-step technique that anyone can master, even if they do not consider themselves the least bit psychic.

If you’ve got a story to share about prenatal communication with your little one, please email; I may use it in my next book!



Kim O’Neill, recently voted Houston’s Top Psychic by Houston Press Magazine, is the author of How to Talk With Your Angels, Discover Your Spiritual Destiny (both by HarperCollins Books), The Calling, Journey of a Psychic, and Bond With Your Baby Before Birth (2009, Health Communications, Inc.).

For over twenty-two years, she has conducted private channeling sessions for an international list of clients that include physicians, judges, attorneys, professionals in the entertainment industry, politicians, college professors, foreign dignitaries, religious leaders, fellow psychics, private investigators, police departments, FBI agents, Secret Service agents, authors, artists, corporate executives, radio DJ’s, newspaper and television reporters, as well as hosts of television talk shows. 

Kim has established teleseminars and national motivational workshops designed to help people transform their lives and develop greater spiritual awareness. She also writes a monthly advice column called Ask Kim for the Indigo Sun Magazine; produces a monthly EMagazine called Connecting You With Spirit; and has channeled frequently for radio and television talk show audiences, providing accurate and specific psychic information covering a wide range of topics. 

Kim lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and their two children. She can be reached through her web site: