13 Baby Shower Gifts Moms Will Really Use

Don't Buy A Shower Gift Until You Read This

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We asked moms "What's the most useful baby gift you ever received that you now give to other new moms." While some of the items can be found on a registry, many of these outside-the-wrapped-gift-box answers were more about making life easier for the new mom than about the baby. Before you head to the store or make that registry purchase, read these must-have gifts that moms who have been there and done it would give to moms-to-be. 

For Baby

A Baby Bjorn!
 Nicole M. 
An ear thermometer - and I now give them at every baby shower. I'm still using mine and my daughter is 7 years-old. 
 Laney W.
The swing. It saved my sanity.
 Amanda M. 
Nose Frida Snot Sucker. It sounds gross, but when your baby has a stuffy nose, it's the one thing that works (and it works so well!)
 Maria P.
A breastfeeding pillow - even if you are not breastfeeding it is invaluable.
 Angela B.
A velcro swaddle blanket! It was perfect for keeping baby snug. 
 Karen M. 

For Mom

TIME! When people offer to take my children - I love that!
 Andrea N.
House cleaning and a meal delivery service.
 Elouise M.
It wasn't fancy, but someone gave me new pjs at my baby shower, just for me. And it was so nice that someone actually thought about my needs while everything was always focused on the baby. I lived in those pjs the first few weeks!
 Alli C.
Meal delivery service!
 Lee S.
Homemade meals. I had a friends bring us a homemade dish that I threw in the freezer for the day cooking wasn't an option.
 Tamara H.
Housecleaning service for the first three months. 
 Catriona M.
A baby nurse for the first three nights - she would wake me up when she needed feeding and organized her room and so I got sleep the first few nights.
 Lana W.

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