The Real Danger Of Co-Sleeping

It's Not What You Think

I sleep with my kids.  Tess is still with me every night, and Ben and Jakob come and go.  From the time they were born, they have always slept with us.  For me, it made nursing easier and sleeping at all possible.  I totally and completely love it.

Some of my favourite memories of the children are as newborns, tucked in beside me. As babies beginning to crawl, climbing over and around me.  Tiny feet in my face.  Waking up to their giggles and play. Delicious.

Last night, they all decided to sleep with me.  Mets is away, so I said it was okay – I get a little nervous having them spread out when I’m alone at night.  So we all piled together and fell asleep. 

When I woke up, at least two of them had peed the bed.  This is the real danger of co-sleeping....

Today, I learned that I still need that plastic liner sheet on the bed.

Alison Kramer is a mom of three and owner of Nummies nursing bras. A Waldorf parent, hot yoga addict and reluctant runner, Alison loves her busy life balancing the ups and downs of running a business while being a parent.
Before kids, Alison was a Kinesiology graduate (never practiced) and Social Worker (barely practiced).  Nummies was named for her children’s word for breastfeeding, which she's been practicing in love for seven years.