Stories Of Loss And Love

Since 1998, October 15th has been Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. It’s a day of remembrance for any parent who has ever suffered a miscarriage, a still birth or the loss of an infant and to provide comfort for the family members affected. If you know anyone who has suffered a loss, send them a message and surround them with love and support because you never get over losing a child you only learn to live with it as time goes on. 

What I've Learned From Living Through A Miscarriage
I have had two miscarriages. Ooooh, she said the "m" word.
pregnancy loss
You just found out that you have lost your child, now you have to choose the most upsetting thing in the world: how you’re going to get it out of you.

My reluctance to admit anything was wrong and stubborn misguided view that I couldn’t get seriously ill almost cost me my life.
Being a mother to a baby who has died is a uniquely painful and simultaneously numbing experience.

Depression after a miscarriage can sneak up on anyone. Even a Therapy Veteran like me.
The Little Spirits Garden
Read about this peaceful place in Victoria where parents and families can grieve the loss their baby.
If you read one thing today, read this. Then reach out to this brave woman who stepped out of her comfort zone to share this story about her miscarriage.
July 21 is a day that I dread. It is the day my son was born still, and the day that drastically changed my life.This is one mother's story of miscarriage.
pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day
A heartfelt and very raw open letter to my baby during my first miscarriage.
After her three-year-old son passed away, Heather Hamilton continued to share his story. His strength and spirit inspired and changed her forever.
The death of a child doesn't always follow the normal stages of grieving.
This brave mother shares her story about the loss of her child and about Infant Loss Awareness Day on October 15.