Parenting Problems: SOLVED!

Parenting is all about following your instincts but sometimes problems come up that require a little help.  From pregnancy and newborns to toddlers, school-aged kids and beyond, we rounded up the answers to these top questions asked by parents.


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Reduce frustration and improve your relationship with your young child by using these discipline strategies that are simple for kids to understand.
If you have a toddler you need to read this article RIGHT NOW.

Improved communication reduces frustration and helps to foster increased self-esteem and confidence. Here's how you can teach your toddler to talk.
Are your kids guilty of these top three playdate annoyances? Find out what they are and how to avoid them.

Calling all experienced parents: This mom needs your advice on helping her four-year-old make friends.
home alone
Spill it! At what age did you leave your kids on their own without a babysitter? And how did you know they were ready?
Does struggling to get your child to play his instrument hit a chord with you? Then these five tips to encourage practice will be music to your ears.
Helping a perfectionist child
Depending on their mindset, you may have to take a different approach.
Stop with the shouting, bargaining, bribery and threats. Tame toddler tantrums with these four simple steps.
sibling rivalry
The tips to ensure you are doing the right things to reduce sibling rivalry and help your kids get along better.
Getting kids to eat healthy can be tough. There’s less time to cook and pre-packaged is easy. Here’s how you can give healthy eating a boost.
Parents are key when it comes to keeping their kids safe. These eight strategies will get the conversation started.
The real inside scoop on what happens when you're pregnant told by a mom who's been there and done it.
incorrect sitting position
If your kids are sitting like this, you need to make them stop. Now.
putting baby to sleep
No matter what method you use, it is more likely to succeed at certain stages, and fail at others.
How To Transition Your Child To The Crib
There are alternatives to crying it out. Learn strategies for getting baby settled, sleepy, and secure in a crib – in only five steps.
by: Pam Nease
Wondering when you can add a fluffy pillow to your child’s bed? Pediatrician Dr. Paul Dempsey talks pillow safety and kids.
Tips to Avoid Food Fights
How you handle mealtime struggles can make a world of difference. Use these tips to turn food struggles into learning opportunities.
15 Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat Vegetables
Make them beleaf in the power of veggies.
When Your Child Will Not Eat
This mummy needs help with her 22-month-old who will go days just nibbling on food, and who is underweight for her age.
Creating Boundaries and Expectations
For your three-year-old who is defiant, view much of it as normal, yet not acceptable.
All kids need discipline but when hitting is involved, you could be inflicting more damage than you're fixing. Here are tips to keep your cool.
Every child has an off day and forgets his or her manners, but here are signs that indicate that your child needs a more serious manners tune-up.
Cell phone rules for your teen and tween plus the common sexting phrases you need to know.
Common Potty Training Mistakes
Are your kids ready for potty training? The most common mistakes parents make when potty training their children, and some simple ways to avoid them.
What if we've classified our children's behaviors as "problems," because society has told us that those behaviours are problematic.
Six tips from a mom who's been there and done it to help you stay calm and potty on.
bribing kids with food
Is this short-term solution to behavioural issues worth the long-term consequences?
screaming child
Learn how to use tantrum-prevention manoeuvers and assess why your child is having a major meltdown.
Angry child
The key to preventing a tantrum from escalating is by doing this.
The five steps you need to take to help shift into a "tantrum tolerance" mode and get through your child's rage-time.
When empathy is hard
Seven reasons why being empathetic can be difficult and what you can do to increase your empathy as a parent.
Walking to school alone isn’t just about crossing roads carefully, it's also about personal safety. This is the age Safe Kids Canada recommends.
Smooth Toddler Transitions
Here are some great tips for switching activities with your toddler without the freak-out.
Do not pose instructions as a question because "Do you want to put your mitts on?" will often get a reply of "NO!"
If you hope to improve the connection you have with your child by doing 'attachment parenting' no matter what, your hope may not transpire.
A full night's sleep for baby means a happy day for parents. Here's how you can make it happen.
sleep training 101
The what, why, when and how to sleep train your baby so you can get some rest.
baby sleeping
How you can reduce the likelihood of SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths.
If your overstimulated tot is more interested in playing than sleep, follow these five tips to set the scene for them to dream.
putting baby to sleep
No matter what method you use, it is more likely to succeed at certain stages, and fail at others.
Putting a little pain in the consequence to get our kids on the right track.
calming down when your kids are ramping up
If your kids are pushing your buttons and you can feel you anger building use these steps to shift your rage and become rational again.
Five tips to ensure that your meat-eaters and vegetarians eat together in perfect harmony.
Ten tips to help your child if he or she is struggling to learn how to read (plus the bonus tip all parents should follow).
As wonderful as technology is, it can also be a time sucking vortex that your kids will not give up easily.