How Mama Got Her Groove Back

Once upon a time there was a lady with a nice job| a cute car| and a clean house. She went to the gym everyday and spent weekends Salsa dancing with her husband. Life was good.

One day| the lady was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Suddenly| the lady's job was taking care of her newborn. Her cute car was replaced with a practical one and the clean house overrun by mountains of laundry. Nursing around the clock| going to the gym became impossible. As for dancing the night away| the only Salsa action this mom got was the occasional twirl in the kitchen.

Stuck between needing to pay the bills and not wanting to leave her baby to return to work| the lady got an idea.

She plastered the town with posters advertising a Salsa class for moms. Six people called. Only three showed up. She would have felt like a complete loser| had she not detected an undeniable spark from the few moms that were there.

They walked in| parked strollers| plunked down diaper bags| and strapped their babies to their chests. At first glance| these were just your average moms. But when a wave of tropical music filled the room| a transformation emerged. These women were strong| sexy| and could really move! Even the one with two left feet exuded confidence| sex appeal and fun. Hips were swaying| bodies sweating| and most surprisingly of all| babies were SLEEPING!

The lady felt like she was in on a great secret. While the rest of the world was business-as-usual| here were these mamacitas and their maraca-shaking babies dancing the day away in a church basement.

So they weren't in a nightclub sipping sangria| sporting sexy spiked heels. There was something undeniably cool about these moms proudly wearing baby as their finest accessory. The pulsating Latin rhythms had them chanting cha-cha-cha! and feeling great about themselves. Insecurities over post-partum poundage were forgotten| as they focused on keeping the beat. It was fiesta time a celebration of being a mom and a woman!

In the end| the lady couldn't care less that the new car wasn't cute| the house wasn't clean| and the job wasn't steady. Her kids were cuter than any car| the house was home| and work meant doing something she loved with people who inspired her.

Life doesn't get much better.


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Jennifer Torres - Founder of Salsa Babies Inc.

At the end of her first maternity leave, Jennifer dreaded returning to her former life as a receptionist. A friend suggested combining a passion for Latin dance with her desire to be home with her baby. A new baby was born with the launch of her company, Salsa Babies.

Jennifer and her team of mamacitas now have moms and babes shaking maracas to the spicy Latin tunes across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. When not teaching class, Jennifer works from home and enjoys spending time with her own Salsa Babies, daughters Daisy and Paloma.