My Top Mom Fails of 2017

My kids enjoy weighing in at this time of year about my big parenting screw ups.

My tradition of ringing in the New Year has been the same for many, many years now. I use this opportunity to share my worst parenting fails of the previous year.

But first let me say, I am not one of these hot mess moms who can’t manage my crew. I actually find it a bit annoying when moms take pride in their utter incompetencies. I’m actually a pretty good mom. I do a decent job of it, my kids seem to be OK, and I feel OK enough about the job I’m doing that I NEVER rock the fetal position because of my mom guilt levels.

Having said that, I certainly get it wrong sometimes and my kids enjoy weighing in at this time of year about my big parenting screw ups. Making the 2017 list:

The Graveyard Drop-off

My teenager required a drive to a lacrosse practice. It was being held at a new park and the timing of getting her there was a bit hectic and rushed. Our friends at Google Maps took us to an enormous and beautiful cemetery. As we pulled into this lovely resting place, it was pretty clear that there was no lacrosse field in site. Regardless, I kissed her goodbye and sent her on her way, instructing her to problem solve the situation and find the field and friends. She got out of the car then within a millisecond, opened the door and said “MOM! You can’t actually leave me here!”

I made fun of her for a few minutes for being such a wimp.​ 

Mom fail number one.

Hockey Before God

One daughter was due to receive the sacrament of Confirmation (for those Catholics in the crowd, you know what I’m talking about). The thing is, she is a hockey goalie and there always seemed to be a hockey tournament on the day that Confirmation was scheduled. This year, she finally got Confirmed……four years late. But she’s played some great hockey!​

Mom fail number two.

Social Before Hospital

That time I had to post this message to my neighbourhood moms Facebook group:

"Does anyone have butterfly Band Aids? I've got guests coming over at 7:00pm and I’m hoping to avoid the hospital run for stitches.” 

Mom fail number three.

I’m sure I’ll have a few gems for 2018, but in the meantime I’ll enjoy my wins, fails and everything in between!

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