Chrissy Teigen's Conversation About Alcohol is One We Should All Be Having

Have I seen my fair share of parents rely on booze to get through the day or weekend? Hell yes.

Chrissy Teigen was criticized in the media (again) for opening up about a subject that draws as many conflicting opinions than co-sleeping or extended breastfeeding: are we enabling a culture of drinking in moms?

If you are sitting there thinking “we’ve heard this before” then you’re right, and it’s a conversation that will not stop. Parenting - especially in those early days, and those pre-teen days, and often those full-on teen days - is hard. And to cope with the fatigue, the stress, the misaligned expectations from what we saw ion the screen of our living room versus what we see in our actual living room, we need an outlet.

We need an outlet that allows us to work out our frustrations, and vent, and feel supported, and know we’re not alone, and fill up our tanks enough to take a big breath and try again tomorrow. And for many of us, that outlet is our partner, our friends, our family, our gym membership, and apart from the gym, that network of support often involves drinking.

Am I anti-alcohol? Hell no. I am writing this from a place of judgement? Ah, hell no. Have I seen my fair share of parents rely on booze to get through the day or weekend? Hell yes, and the more I think about it, the more I am certain the conversation needs to be had over and over again.

Why? Because we are each our own best monitors. I all but guarantee you there will be times of parenting stress and even anguish when you will imbibe a little to a lot more than is considered a healthy amount of alcohol. And I think that having the wherewithal to check in regularly and ask “does this feel right? Does this feel right for me?” is a healthy practice.

If it feels like your consumption is in check with a health life and lifestyle, give yourself a high five. If it feels like your consumption maybe become a coping tool rather than a doozie of a Friday night release, high five yourself for having the courage to speak about that honestly, and take stock of how you can cultivate or call in your support network to better manage your stress levels. And hell, if it feels like your consumption is not enough, let’s grab a cocktail and chat about this crazy little thing called life.

But let’s not be quick to slip into finger pointing mode because someone has had the guts to be brave and honest about making changes in her life.




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