I See You, Overworked Mom. You Are Not Alone

Being a mom isn’t easy, and perhaps enjoying it is harder for some.

This post wasn’t planned and I actually just decided to pull out the laptop and write, from the heart, because at this very moment, I need to explain my own thoughts to myself. You will often see me smiling and laughing on my Instagram photos, but if you watch my stories, you see me, make up free, hair in a bun, pregnant mama who 99.9% of the time keeps it real.

Being a “work outside of the home mom,” a “work from home mom” and also “mom,” I often find myself groping for air. You see, when I say “I’ll check my schedule” or “I can’t that day,” it doesn’t mean I don’t care; in fact, it means quite the opposite.

It means, that the extra time I do have, I’d would much rather spend it with my children, but I also care enough to try to make everything work.

I struggle to find balance in this imperfect world, and often joke that I need two of me. Being a mom isn’t easy and perhaps enjoying it, is harder for some. I believe that finding solace in the little things, like singing and counting colors with your children are more important than the untidy kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, those things shouldn’t always be forgotten, but I’ve learned to never allow myself to feel jealousy over the things I’ve see on instagram or Facebook because it’s not always what it seems.

I hate the thought of complaining.

My life is full of love and laughter, but it is also full of exhaustion and chaos. When I’m feeling my worst, its hard to keep positive but I try my hardest to be kind to my family and to people who surround me.

That’s why I keep this space, not for you (well sometimes), not for the kids, but for me. To see the growth, not only in my writing but in my mind, heart and soul.

I'm making time for my family.

I don’t know about you, but making time for the two boys and my family is extremely important. Did you know that the average Canadian family spends %14 of their time doing all kinds of activities. Does this mean anything to you?

I'm learning to say no.

One of the best things I’ve started to do is say “no,” I can’t do it all and I shouldn’t have to place that sort of pressure on myself. As time moves forward, I can only allow myself to take on us much as I can. Especially with baby #3 on its way! So if you’re like me and your over worked, over tired, and under appreciated, just know you’re not alone and if you ever need to speak to someone, I’m right here!

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