10 One-on-One Summer Date Ideas with Your Kid for Practically Zero Dollars

If you do manage to eke out some time for a date night with your little kiddos, these are some fun ways to do it.

We all know that quality one-on-one time with your kids is important.

But I also get that parents are busy, and if you have a few kids, taking each of them out on their own date night once a month may be difficult. I’m a firm believer that you can fit in that time throughout the day connecting while you drive them to school, or eat dinner, or hanging out at bedtime. Some of my best conversations with my kids have happened over a popsicle on the front porch after school, or when we take the dog for a walk.

However, if you do manage to eke out some time for a date night with your little kiddos, these are some fun ways to do it.



Adventure Walks:

Adventure walks are just that: a simple way to turn an ordinary walk into a fun adventure. The walks can take place anywhere – in your neighbourhood, at a local park, or you can drive to an area with trails and go for a hike.

The twist is that you tell you don’t tell your child where you’re going and make it all about the anticipation.

Garage Sales

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so go on a garage sale treasure hunt in the morning and have fun with your new finds in the afternoon.

A Day at The Beach (or Splash Pad, or Running Through a Sprinkler)

There’s something magical about the combination of kids and water. So grab your suits and make it a day of wet and wild fun.

A Nature Scavenger Hunt

Make a Nature Bingo card with the words of items you find in nature in each of the squares (or pictures if your little one is too young to read). Cross off each item as you spot it. Nature elements can be as simple as a pine tree, babbling brook, or a pink flower or make it more difficult by having your kids identify leaves and small animals.

Show Them Where You Grew Up

If you live close by, take them on a tour of your childhood home or where you went to school. If you really want to up your game, have your kids recreate some of your favourite childhood photos.

And yes, it’s 100% okay to use the phrase… “When I was a kid….”

Teach Them the Games You Used to Play

Hopscotch, Four Square, Seven-up, Mr. Wolf, jacks…. Show your kid some old school entertainment by teaching them the games you used to play. But skip Red Rover. A date night at the hospital is no fun for anyone.



Video Game Role Reversal

This date is twofold. You play all the games your kid likes, but then you reverse and they have to play a few of the games you like. They still make PAC-MAN don’t they?

Teach Them How to Bake Their Favourite Treat

Not only will you end up with some ooey gooey, warm from the oven, chocolate chips cookies (or whatever their favourite treat may be), you’re teaching life skills at the same time.

Old School Movie Night

One comforter + popcorn + movies = a cozy date night you’ll both love.

Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

I know, I know. Grocery shopping doesn’t sound like much fun, but when your kid gets to help plan the meals for the week and help you shop, it becomes more of an adventure and less like chores.




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