Turn Tough Experiences Into Positive Self-Discoveries

Beauty isn't about the exterior as much as it is about what makes a person

Turn Tough Experiences Into Positive Self-Discoveries

By the time Stacey was 25 she was the mother of three young children. Life was not always easy but she spent every day teaching her kids that beauty isn't about the outside, it's about these inner qualities.

Stacey Martin

This Lil Piglet

I want my girls to believe that what makes a person beautiful is who they are as a person, what trials they meet along the way of life, and how they choose to deal with those challenges.

Like most mothers nearing 40, my youthful looks just aren't so youthful anymore. But these wrinkles you'll find across my brow, crows-feet in the corners of my eyes, and creases around my mouth are all just signs of all my life accomplishments; I consider that aging gracefully. Living life to the fullest, realizing the beauty around me, and letting that spitfire personality flourish. That trait I once thought was a hindrance is simply what makes me beautiful.

I asked my eldest daughter why she thought I was beautiful, here's what she had to say.

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Mom to 5, Stacey humorously writes about going from a City Mom to Farmer Joe. When shes not wrangling her barn animals OR kids, you can find her sharing her love of DIY and food.