Be Fearless For Yourself And For Your Daughter

You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying

Be Fearless For Yourself And For Your Daughter

Julie sat down to talk to her daughters about what beauty really means. She wanted to know if beauty to them is really just about sparkly necklaces and glossy lips. With a little bit of discussion she discovered hat her daughters base beauty on so much more. 

Julie Nowell

The 3 Chickens And A Boat

My daughters see me living two different lives. They see the regular farm mom trudging about in flip-flops and covered in chickens. They see me playing with them at the beach wearing a bikini (still at age 40).  They see me sweating it out working to improve our home and acreage with them by my side.

And then, every now and then, they get a glimpse of me being "fancy" and going to "work." 

Those times when I leave the island, I dust some make-up on my face and pull out the "clean shoes." 

So when we talked about beauty, they initially went straight to when I am "fancy," but of course, in most girls' eyes, "beautiful" is dressed up wearing sparkly necklaces, and having glossy lips. Beautiful is when my hair is brushed...not just clipped back and stuck under a sun/knit/baseball cap. 

I gave my daughter Amy a question to answer for this video: what she thinks is beautiful about her mom, regardless of her age.

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