An Important Reminder That Age Does Not Indicate Beauty

Age brings a wisdom and confidence that adds to a woman’s beauty—inside and out

An Important Reminder That Age Does Not Indicate Beauty

Getting asked for ID at the wine store may have been a boost for Jody's self-esteem but she's learned that age is just a number and that real beauty is determined by this.

Jody MacArthur


Let me set the scene for you. A woman, careening toward her forties, in the last few months as a thirty-something. It’s been a stressful five months of packing up, moving across the province, building a house, settling two kids into two new schools and living in a rental that is less than ideal.

It’s Friday night and all she wants is to rest her weary body and enjoy a sip or two of wine, a reward for making it through the week.

But suddenly, everything changes. She is elated. She feels at least 10 years younger. She heard the words, “Could I see some ID please?”

That’s a true story. It was me last week. It may seem a little superficial but it’s the truth. A simple gesture reminded me that age is only a number, it’s our outlook on life that gives our true age.

I asked the girls to create a short video about what they think is beautiful about me. A tall order! This is what they came up with:

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Mom to two little spitfires, loves to laugh, PR professional recently relocated to Halifax and serious wine lover. Jody started in 2012 as a way to express herself and to let other parents know that this parenthood gig is hard, but we're all in it together. So don"t take everything she posts seriously, sometimes she make s*&% up.