You Know You're A Child Of The '70s If...

If you've ever owned a pet rock you'll want to read this "to the max" list of 70s memories

You Know You Grew Up In the 70s When

We crowdsourced our groovy (?) YMC bloggers and staff to reminisce about their childhoods and tell us:

You Know You're A Child Of The '70s If...

You remember when Meatloaf was more than a poor excuse for a dinner.

You remember polyester pant suits and you still think Danny and Sandy were the hottest on-screen couple, ever. 

You have fond memories of sleeping under the stars.

You had a mood ring and a pet rock. 

You actually used an Easy Bake Ovens.

You willingly ate pop rocks.

You ordered sea monkeys from the back of a comic book.

You remember having a "cable box" instead of a remote to change channels and it was attached to your TV with a cable that stretched across the room.

Your record player that played vinyl records was housed inside the top of your TV.

You wore a Peter Pan collar. Bonus points if it was green and brown print!

You learned to type on a typewriter, not a keyboard.

Your favourite things included your Muppet lunch box, your Hollie Hobbie purse, and klick klacks. 

You can remember when seat belts were optional.


You rode a yellow banana bike.

You know who shot J.R.

You couldn’t wait for Saturday night so you could watch The Love Boat (Gopher….swoon) and Fantasy Island back-to-back.

Your best Christmas present ever was SIMON.

Your bedroom wall décor featured a poster of Sean Cassidy wearing a shiny satin jacket and one of a kitten hanging off a tree branch with the words “Hang In There, Baby.”

You once wrote a letter to Eric Estrada.

You used a rotary phone. 

You had a Big Wheel. 

You had a Dorothy Hamill haircut.

Your house plants were in plant holders that you macraméd.

Your bell-bottomed jeans and gouchos were cool and knickers were pants that came to just under your knees, not underwear. And they were possibly purple corduroy.

You were a little bit country...or a little bit rock and roll. 

You remember watching Star Wars from the bunk in your parents' Winnebago at the drive-in movie theatre.

You had a bowl cut and were dressed in unisex clothes.

You played outside until dark—usually on roller skates—without a care in the world. Or a helmet. You were a "free-range" kid before it became trendy. 

Are you a child of the '70s? Share your memories with us!

Or are you are child of the '80s? 

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