You Know You're a Child of the '80s If...

this totally tubular list that will have you reminiscing about big bangs and Goonie adventures

We crowdsourced our totally tubular YMC bloggers and staff to reminisce about their childhoods and tell us:

You Know You're A Child Of The '80s If...

The final scene in Sixteen Candles will forever remain your benchmark for romance.

Your first introduction to computers was the Commodore PET computer at your school.

You ever had a perm.

You wore slouch socks and IZOD.

You know what a Whammy is. 

You've tried calling 867-5309. 

You remember watching the Challenger disaster at school.  

You concocted wild fantasies of marriage to Ricky Schroeder.

You had a SWATCH watch.

You fashioned yourself after Madonna’s "Like A Virgin" video. Sexy meant layers, people.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers were the only acceptable sunglasses to wear.

You tight-rolled the bottoms of your jeans. 

You know who the brat pack is. 

You desperately wanted to go on Goonie adventures. 

You worried for Jessica McClure when she fell down the well. 

You know who the Coreys are.

You made birthday banners in Print Shop and printed them on your dot matrix printer. 

You knew where in the world Carmen Sandiego was. And you got dysentery on the Oregon Trail. 

You could tease your bangs higher than any of your friends. 

You wore neon spandex. 

You prayed every night for Punky Brewster's room — or at least her bed. 

You played the future-predicting paper origami-like game, M.A.S.H. (mansion, apartment, shack, and house).

You got a postcard from Michael Jackson congratulating you on your participation in the MS Read-a-thon

You thought the only thing better than having a mogwai would be living with ET, but, if they weren't available, you would settle for the robot from Short Circuit. 

You felt a little risqué singing along to George Michael's "I Want Your Sex."   

You can still sing the songs that accompanied the Jane Fonda workout.

You and your Cabbage Patch Kid had matching outfits.

You desperately wanted a see-through phone. 

You remember "Where's The Beef?" and "I've fallen and I can't get up," and you still manage to throw those into conversations. 

You had a Trapper Keeper.

You know what The Care Bear Stare is. 

You had strong feelings about GoBots, Transformers, and M.A.S.K., and it annoyed you when other people didn't.

You also knew that GoBots, Transformers, and M.A.S.K. WEREN'T THE SAME THING, MOM, SO STOP CONFUSING THEM!!

You know all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' names.

You owned a Wonder Woman costume.

You remember riding in the trunk on the "spare" seat of your parents station wagon with no seat belt on!

You biked to school with no helmet on and streamers on your handle bars. 

You watched The Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night.

You wished you could vacation on The Love Boat. 

You wore stirrup pants.

You had a Pogo ball.

You remember the time the Cosbys turned their home into the “Real World” to teach Theo a lesson.

You remember those short, educational Sesame Street spots, like Wanda the Witch, the Alligator King, the Russian Dolls, the singing orange, the pinball machine that taught us to count, or the loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter short.

You hear a good song on the radio, and your first instinct is still to hit record on the cassette player so you don't miss the song for your mix tape! 

You had a pen pal.

You spent all of your money on Bop, Seventeen, Tiger Beat, Teen Beat.

You watched Jem cartoons and wanted to have pink hair.

You had a litter of Pound Puppies.

You coveted your sister's Strawberry Shortcake doll, and you were sad to be stuck with Lemon Meringue.

You'd listen to "Electric Youth" by Debbie Gibson on your Sony Walkman.

You still quote one-liners from The Flintstones.

You collected—and traded—Garbage Pail Kids cards. 

You were super terrified of the "Thriller" video. 

You had My Buddy and/or Kid Sister (and you still sing the theme song).

You know what ALF is an acronym for — and what ALF's real name is. 

You longed for a bonnet and to ride in a covered wagon across the open prairie, just like Laura Ingalls.

Your outfit was incomplete without your favourite white Keds.

You know who Xavier Roberts was. 

You wore Jordache jeans. 

 If you're a child of the '80s, you'll be able to relate to everything about this

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