Do Moms Drink Too Much? Are We A Culture Of Mombies?

Does motherhood cause many of us to drink too much?

woman drinking wine

As a thirty-something mother-of-three, lord knows I love my wine.


We live in a culture that not only accepts alcohol consumption, it also celebrates it.


It seems everywhere we look, wine consumption and motherhood seem to go hand-in-hand. Some of the funniest someecards revolve around alcohol and womanhood.



Even the cult-comedy Cougar Town showcases wine-guzzling thirty/forty-somethings. Some critics even call it the most pro-alcohol show on TV.


Sadly, the rigors of motherhood cause many of us to de-stress with a glass of vino at the end of the day. But is this really a healthy coping skill? And do we always stop at just one glass?

Celebrity mom Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, star of the NickMom show Parental Discretion With Stephanie Wilder-Taylor, has been open about de-stressing with wine.

The mom-of-three young girls stopped drinking four years ago at the age of forty-two.

“I drank often when Elby [firstborn daughter] was a baby to help deal with the stress of a new infant,” Stefanie blogged. “I found myself drinking more than I had before I became a parent and I drank with other moms to bond and unwind (yes, I’m the cocktail play date mom and I stand by it being a healthy thing to do in moderation, in walking distance, if you’re not me).”

And although her husband doesn’t think she ever had a drinking problem, Stefanie is glad she quit drinking altogether.

“Four years ago, I finally had a moment of clarity and realized that just because I hadn’t crashed a car, gotten a DUI, cheated on my husband or been forced to rehab, it was time to quit,” she shared. “No one had to tell me or push me. I knew. And once you know, really really know, you can’t un-know it.”

Can you relate? Is it time to step out from underneath the wine crutch?


How many drinks do you consume during the week?

A third of respondents in a new survey regarded at least one of their mom friends as having a drinking problem. Are they pointing the finger at you? 

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