Unstoppable Moms Raise Unstoppable Girls

Unstoppable Moms For Unstoppable Girls

by: Kim Logan

We asked Canadian Writer and YMC Member Kim Logan to share what makes her an unstoppable mom. Read Kim’s story...

Kim Logan

Tales of a Ranting Ginger

I have two girls. My oldest and my youngest child are both girls. They are very unique and very different, yet very similar. My girls have a great sense of self esteem and know they are unstoppable. We always gave our girls lots of positive encouragement, support and love. Growing up I was always self-conscious about myself and hated being a redhead and having freckles. Until I reached high school I was often a target for bullies and singled out for looking different. When I attended secondary school I realized being unique was good. Having a quality or feature many others did not, was not weird or odd, but wonderful. Beautiful! I wish I could say this was the only issue holding me back as a child. I started developing earlier than most. My chest was an issue for me. I did not want to run or play sports. I really feel it held me be and made me feel like people were staring at me. I wish at the time I had someone supportive to tell me I was not alone. I never ever joined in on classroom sports, gym or even dancing because of it. All these years later and now being a plus size mom to four I am more comfortable in my skin than I ever was before. I think that may come with age and experience. Did you know, 6 out of 10 girls avoid activities because they feel badly about the way they look? However, when girls have a role model at home, they are less likely to let anxiety about their looks hold them back..

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Kim is a busy mom to four trying to feed her picky family healthy and tasty meals without going crazy and sacrificing family time. You can find her on her blog, Tales of a Ranting Ginger taking about life and her family.