Moms: What Makes You Unstoppable?

Unstoppable Moms For Unstoppable Girls

by: Jodi Shaw
Moms: What Makes You Unstoppable?

We asked Canadian Writer and YMC Member Jodi Shaw to share what makes her an unstoppable mom. Read Jodi’s story...

Jodi Shaw

Just Jodi

As a mother, woman and writer, I’m constantly asking myself questions. How can I improve my life? How can I grow and change? How can I move forward, inspiring others to do the same? Then Dove asked me has there ever been a time I felt like quitting an activity I loved because of how I felt about my body? The answer is yes. I was seventeen and I entered a singing competition.

I started performing at the age of five. It began with tap dancing and singing. My mother used to make my costumes for me when I performed. She was my biggest fan. As I grew, I continued performing on stage in school musicals, drama club, joined the Jazz Quoir, and I even toured Europe with my classmates. I loved performing. I loved the thrill of being on stage, singing my heart out, listening to the applause. But I mostly loved how it made me feel.

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Jodi Shaw is a sweet and sassy bipolar mother and wife living in the Fraser Valley with her husband, a brain injury survivor and young son born with special needs. A published author, freelance writer and lifestyle blogger pushing 40 something, Jodi loves to share all things stylish from rustic decor to comfy clothes you can live in, to tips on how to keep our home organized. Life is about simplicity and finding the beauty in everything we do. You can follow Jodi on all her social media channels at justjodidotcom.