Destination Unstoppable

Unstoppable Moms For Unstoppable Girls

Destination Unstoppable

We asked Canadian Writer and YMC Member Rebecca Cuneo Keenan to share what makes her an unstoppable mom. Read Rebecca’s story...

Rebecca Cuneo Keenan

Playground Confidential

I held the tray full of drinks up over my head and turned sideways. Gently laying a hand on the back in front of me — no sudden moves, please — I slid effortlessly through the crowded dance floor. Winding my way past tables and through the narrow crevices between one group of friends and another, I found my way to the right spot, traded my full glasses for empty ones, and turned back to do my server’s ballet once more.

Being thin was about more than just looks for me. It informed how I moved and how I experienced the world. It was simply how I was built and I never had to worry about it one way or the other.

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Rebecca is a Toronto-based writer and mom blogger.

She laughs at herself at Playground Confidential, if only to keep from crying. Please pull up a seat and let her shortcomings be your entertainment.

Rebecca’s writing has appeared in Today’s Parent,, Spacing, Eye Weekly, and among other publications.