Staying Active

Unstoppable Moms For Unstoppable Girls

Staying Active

We asked Canadian Writer and YMC Member Yashy Murphy to share what makes her an unstoppable mom. Read Yashy’s story...

Yashy Murphy

Baby and Life

The Little Monkey is just a mere 19 months but she’s soaking in everything I do and has already started imitating things I don’t even think twice about. Yes you can catch her trying to tweeze her face (no lie!) and trying to lean against the kitchen counter browsing on the phone. Sure these are simple, harmless (unless she gets an ingrown or actually pokes her eyes out!) everyday actions that aren’t a big deal. But it does make me wonder about what else she’s subconsciously storing away.

Hot topics amongst moms of teenage girls are self-confidence and body image. Growing up I didn’t really think much of it, or at least I don’t recall thinking too much of it.

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Born in Sri Lanka, raised in Dubai, Bahrain, Pakistan, the U.S, Australia and England, Yashy now finds herself settled in Toronto, where she met her husband. Toronto, with its captivating events that fuel her passions is the only city that has managed to entertain Yashy for longer than seven years. She continues to nurture her love affair with the city by staying engaged with the diverse community and seeking cultural events that tickle her passions which include cocktails, dining, cooking, cocktailing, travelling, and parenting (of course). 

A branding specialist by profession, Yashy is now a work from home mom. When she was on maternity leave with nothing but poop and time on her hands she started blogging ( ) to share her passions and how she strives to strike a balance between baby and self from the very start of motherhood. The blog discusses “lifestyle” - travel, entertaining, food and drink and for the most part- all with kids in tow. You can find Yashy on Twitter and Instagram most days lusting after the next travel opportunity and sharing food and family pictures alongside events happening in Toronto!