Becoming Unstoppable Despite Facing Obstacles

Unstoppable Moms For Unstoppable Girls

We asked Canadian Writer and YMC Member Paula Schuck to share what makes her an unstoppable mom. Read Paula's story...

Paula Schuck

Thrifty Momma's Tips

I had a weird relationship with body image as a tween and teen. When I was 12, I started getting sick and eventually at 14 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Crohn’s is a digestive disorder thought to be an autoimmune disorder too. I lost a lot of weight because I didn’t absorb a lot of the nutrition I was taking in. I was very often too skinny and I remember people questioning why I was so skinny. People didn’t understand Crohn’s well at all 20 years ago.

When I wasn’t sick, I had body image issues about being fat, which was absurd because I have never ever been overweight.

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Mom of two teen girls, Paula Schuck, likes to joke that she's the Keeper of the Sanity, and some days that's the hardest job going. Paula (aka @inkscrblr) is a social media consultant and she writes about travel, parenting and health at Thrifty Mommas Tips. She lives in London, Ontario and is always hunting for the next mountain to ski.