Why My Style Of Parenting Works For Me

June Cleaver I Am Not

I’m a mom. I am far from being perfect. Sometimes I forget our son is in the room and let a swear slip. Sometimes I let my son stay up late just because I want him beside me. Sometimes I can’t resist the urge to be silly, even though I know it will likely bite me in the ass later. Sometimes I spray water guns in the house! Sometimes I let him eat junk food. And sometimes I even ignore something he’s done wrong because I am just too tired. But I love my son. I tell him every single day. I’m proud of him and I tell him that every single day too! Anyone who knows me well will attest that—no, I am definitely not perfect but there is no doubt that I love my son with all my heart and I try to everything I can to make him happy and confident!

A few weeks ago my husband and I had one of those ‘want to high five our kid but I am not sure it is appropriate’ moments. Our son, who was not quite 5 years old, was playing at the park with his cousin. My son approached and older kid and asked if he could play and the following conversation ensued:

Older Kid: You can’t play with us because you’re not 8 years old.

My Son: (seeming completely unaffected by this) Ok, I’m going to play hide and seek.

Older Kid: How are you going to do that!? Alone! (He sneered)

My Son: No, I’ll play with my cousin!

Older Kid: Well, I want to play (he began to plea)

My Son: Hmmm, are you 8 years old?

Older Kid: Yes!

My Son: Sorry, you’re much too old to play with us.

And the conversation ended with my son walking away while ‘older kid’ stared blankly in complete disbelief. Had he just been outsmarted by a 4-year-old? Indeed he had! And my husband and I didn’t feel bad about how it was handled whatsoever! In my head I was thinking about all the times in my own childhood that I wished I could have come up with something like that! Our son is a very confident little boy. He stands his ground but remains loving and kind to others most of the time. I might be concerned if our son was a bully to other children, but I’ve seen him interact with children for no other reason other than he ‘didn’t want them to feel lonely.’

So no, I’m not perfect—sometimes I screw up! And maybe it isn’t totally appropriate but I was proud of my son for standing up for himself and for being a confident, loving, funny and smart little boy!