Sharing a Powerful Message EVERY Child Needs to Hear

We asked 20 Canadian writers to share who they would nominate for the Dove Celebrate Mom Contest. Here's who Carla Young from MOMeo Magazine, would nominate.

Carla Young

MOMeo Magazine

Seeing your true beauty is tough when you are constantly bombarded with distorted images of supermodels and Hollywood celebrities, especially when you are going through that awkward growing up phase that we call the teen years.

But it starts much earlier than that.

As young as 4-years-old, my Happy-Go-Lucky daughter started questioning her beauty after being told by a classmate that she wasn’t as pretty as the classmate. It broke my heart to watch a girl, who previously insisted on wearing clothes that she could run and play in, suddenly fuss over picking out a pretty enough outfit.

That’s why I would like to celebrate one mom who shares a powerful message EVERY child needs to hear: You Are Sooooo Beautiful through her children’s book and her empowered esteem workshops for mothers and their daughters.

Behind the book is a mother and an aunt who herself struggled with self-esteem. I nominate Leanne Power for the Dove #CelebrateMom contest!

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Carla is the proud (and totally biased) mother of one very precocious daughter, a loving wife to one very lucky husband, and a supporter of moms everywhere who want to build a lifestyle business that gives them the flexibility to work-from-home and raise a family.

She is a believer that the best business training isn’t in the classroom or the boardroom, but the playroom where she hones her business skills on a daily basis. Want marketing help? Try upselling a toddler on carrot sticks instead of cookies. Need to negotiate a contract? Try talking a reluctant preschooler into washing her hair.

She shares her time management, motivation and practical business tips for mom entrepreneurs as well as the trials and tribulations of balancing work, family and a little bit of playtime for mommy at MOMeo, an online resource publication for work-at-home moms.