Chasing the Good Life

We asked 20 Canadian writers to share who they would nominate for the Dove Celebrate Mom Contest. Here's who Jen Taylor from Little Miss Mocha, would nominate.

Jen Taylor

Little Miss Mocha

I was so pleased to be asked to take part in this project.  It’s so important to me to write about women, and girls, and other moms.  We have such impact on one another, and it’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly.  Everything we do, read and write goes to our hearts…and we need to remember the girls we are raising are the same.  We need to help them find their best qualities, help them grow, and help ensure when they look in the mirror they see what we do – strength, potential, beauty that is unique and special.  Dove has always led the way in helping real women and girls feel beautiful – through their Self-Esteem Fund programs and smart, honest campaigns that show women at their best.  I know women who were in a television ad created by Dove, and my neighbour was once chosen for a print campaign.  Fantastic.

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Know an amazing mom who’s an inspiration to women and girls? Celebrate her!

Visit by September 4th to nominate her for the Dove Celebrate Mom Contest.

She could win $2,500 for herself and $2,500 to be donated to the charity of her choice. But more importantly, you’ll be introducing young girls to real role models who inspire them to reach their full potential! Nominate her now!

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Jen Taylor is a writer based in Calgary, Alberta. With over 150 articles published online, she knows how to turn content planning and words into stories that connect. A lover of words, and chaser of good things, you can usually find her drinking coffee or running off to the mountains for inspiration. You can find her website at Mocha Creative Works.