Celebrating My Inspirational and Beautiful Mom With Dove

We asked 20 Canadian writers to share who they would nominate for the Dove Celebrate Mom Contest. Here's who Meri Temudo, from Lil' Sugar would nominate.

Meri Temudo

Lil' Sugar

Inspirational women are all around me, friends, family members, idols and even strangers. The way these women interact with their children, carry themselves, how they think and what they have accomplished is often overwhelming. Thinking back, the only person I hold high on the pedestal of perfection is my mother. She is a woman of great strength, determination, sincerity and love.

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned simple beauty? Women today are lost because of the lack of role-models who portray beauty as simply a feeling. Instead they are bombarded by temporary fulfillment of outer beauty that does not last.  

Dove is committed to inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential.

Married and a mother by the age of 18. She definitely had her work cut out for her. So many nights I remember sleeping in her bed just to keep her company while my father worked endless hours just to make ends meat- she never once showed me she was scared. I remember looking at her at about 8 or 9 years of age, thinking her beauty and knowledge were thrown away and useless because of the path she chose. Then, as I got older I realized that she sacrificed so much just to keep her dream alive.

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Known online as ‘lil-sugar’, Meri is a wife and mother of two. She has a background in graphic design and design editorial. She is an OCAD graduate and a freelance designer for numerous brands. Meri is passionate about art, fashion, social media and creativity. She has been blogging for about a year under her beloved lil-sugar.ca, an online blog for parents, by parents. Meri excels on all social media platforms. If she is not blogging, she’s writing, connecting or socializing.