Dove Celebrate Mom Contest

We asked 20 Canadian writers to share who they would nominate for the Dove Celebrate Mom Contest. Here's who Alyssa Kingsbury from A Motherhood Experience would nominate.

Alyssa Kingsbury

A Motherhood Experience

It's true, beauty does come from within. It is our heart and soul; it is who we are as women. This is the message we need to teach our girls of tomorrow, to better their tomorrow. Dove is committed to raising awareness about self-esteem of young girls. Helping them reach their full potential through the Dove Self Esteem Fund, which was developed to help spread the true message of beauty and rid our next generation of young girls from the deceitful images of the media. The fund has fantastic resources that enable and empower women and girls to embrace a broad definition of beauty. Every time you buy Dove you help raise a girls self-esteem.

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Know an amazing mom who’s an inspiration to women and girls? Celebrate her!

Visit by September 4th to nominate her for the Dove Celebrate Mom Contest.

She could win $2,500 for herself and $2,500 to be donated to the charity of her choice. But more importantly, you’ll be introducing young girls to real role models who inspire them to reach their full potential! Nominate her now!

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Alyssa is a mom of two from Ottawa, Ontario. Inspired by her love of writing, the online digital world and life being a woman (and mom) today, Alyssa began sharing her own Motherhood journey on her blog "A Motherhood Experience" over three years ago. Since the launch of her digital career, Alyssa has been working through social media to help spread the word on great products, services and spread awareness on special causes and family-friendly events adding her own digital mom touch. You can visit her blog which is updated frequently  at and follow her daily go-abouts on twitter @AMotherhoodBlog!