The Best of the Funniest Parenting Tweets

Each week, we bring you bring you the funniest from parents on Twitter. 

It's hard being right all the time.
The part of the week everyone looks forward to.

You've parented hard this week. You deserve a laugh...or 10.
The parents who brought the funny this week on Twitter.

We didn't choose the mom life - oh wait, we did.
Parenting is hard; remember to laugh - because if you're not laughing you're crying.
Had a challenging week? Diffuse it with some funny.
Whomever wrote Silent Night obviously had no kids.
Toddlers: Like tornados, but smaller.
Ketchup and boogers and tiny tyrants.
You'll never look at time out the same again.
This is your circus, and those are definitely your monkeys.
Which IKEA toll free number connects us with a marriage counselor?
Have kids, they said. It'll be fun, they said.
82.5% of parenting is yelling "LET'S GO!"
We could all use a little more duct tape.
funniest parenting tweets
We're campaigning for Wine & Go to Bed Wednesday
Whenever you feel like a failure as a parent, remember E.T.
Please - 10 minutes of peace. Please?
Hell hath no fury like a toddler.
Live life to the fullest frustration.
There's a reason you feel unrested.
How do you keep a toddler busy for 2 hours?
Hell hath no fury like a toddler.
All hail the garden sprinkler: the bath time of summer.
How to organize Legos in 3 easy steps:
Parenting: It goes full circle.
It might be easier to move than store all the Lego.
We're all responsible adults. Right?
Well, we'll never look at How the Grinch Stole Christmas the same again...
Because putting a kid in a snowsuit can make anybody age decades...
Just eat it. Don't you make me repeat it.
Congratulations on your first pregnancy.
It's those little accomplishments...