How Sleepover Camp Saves Parents

Six Secrets For Why Sleepover Camp Is Good For You

There was no question in my house whether my daughter was going to sleepover camp or not.

I went. My husband went. It’s a rite of passage every kid should go through as far as we’re concerned.

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Not everyone agrees with me, though. When I tell friends my 11-year-old daughter is going to sleepover camp for up to seven weeks, I’m met with my fair share of “bad mommy” looks. However, my knowing smirk in return pretty much sums up my feelings on the situation.

So, let me count the ways:


I do not have to drive anyone, anywhere.

That’s right. I can go shopping, work out–WHATEVER– and not look at my watch once and wonder if I can fit in “just one more thing” before zooming off for a playdate pickup.

Anytime sex.

Oh yes. There was a time when my daughter was younger, we wondered if there was a bell tied to my husband’s testicles. An early morning interlude would suddenly be interrupted with, “MOMMY, I’M UP!” ‘Nuff said.

Re-connecting with my husband.​

It’s amazing the things you find to talk about that do not revolve around your kid. Naturally, we wonder how she’s doing, complain about the lack of letters (MadLib fill-in-the-blanks don’t count). But we actually talk about, well, life . . . or nothing at all. Also? Go back to point number two.

Sudden renos and clean-outs.

The best time to reno and re-organize (ie throw out) is in solitude—without wondering if you’ll ever find the mate to that pink Polly Pocket shoe. Plus, one less person underfoot is one less stress for you.

No parent “helicoptering.”

There’s no place like camp to encourage kids how to figure out their own problems. You can’t always be there for them—as much as you’d like to be. Only letters home and Visitors’ Day will allow you to come in for a landing.

You’ll remember how much you love The Kid.

A child’s daily life is stressful for everyone involved. School, programs, friendship squabbles—as parents we’re inundated. A break from each other—and missing each other—is good for everyone’s soul.

Named one of Twitter’s Top 75 Female Badasses and one of Toronto’s Top 150 Twitter Influencers, Elissa Freeman lets out her inner-mommy as a guest blogger on our site. She juggles blogging with her full-time job as Director, Communications & Public Relations with the Toronto 2015 Pan/Parapan Am Games thanks to her tolerant husband and 11-year old tween daughter.