Safe Cooking with Kids

How to Keep Kids Safe When Cooking in the Kitchen

Safe Cooking with Kids

While cooking is always a fun way to get the whole family to work together, having children in the kitchen can cause even the most patient mom to go a bit stir-crazy, and we’re not talking the pancake batter you’re mixing up.

Here are four simple ways to keep your kids safe while you shake and bake:

Keep ‘Em Clean

To minimize germs being passed around the family, make frequent hand washing a rule for everyone. Use soap with warm water and lather up for 10 to 15 seconds making sure you get in between the fingers!

Stay Sharp Around Sharp Objects

Young children shouldn’t be handling sharp utensils, such as knives, so all of the slicing should be done by an adult. Once this part of the prep work is finished, keep dangerous utensils out of reach in a drawer with a safety latch.

Curb Cross-Contamination

Keep raw foods and their juices away from ready-to-eat items and fresh produce. Always use a clean cutting board or plate when chopping up different foods and never sample meat before it’s cooked through!

Don’t Get Burned

Prevent burns by showing kids how to work around hot cooktops, cookware and appliances. Always be wary of what’s heating up around you, ensuring that you use oven mitts or give items the chance to cool down completely before handling them.

Now go get culinary with your kids and remember...when you’re cooking in the kitchen, making a mess is half the fun!

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