I Am The Proud Mother of One

The Decision to Raise an Only Child

I am proud to be the mother of one. I have one beautiful, smart, funny, compassionate daughter and I wouldn't trade this experience for the world!

Oh sure.. there were times when I second-guessed myself. There were times when I wondered if two would make things better. There have been times when I've been shamed by mothers of many that I am doing a grave disservice to my daughter for not providing her with siblings.

It's a tough choice but it is a personal choice and one that I feel was chosen as it best suits my daughter, my husband and myself. It's our little family of three and we can pretty well do what we want, when we want and how we want. I have heard the endless concerns from larger families that our daughter must be bored, she must be lonely, she must be spoiled, she must be odd. And I scratch my head in wonder as to what gives others the right to be so bold, so cruel and so opinionated?

It hurts sometimes, but I can assure you my daughter is not lonely, nor is she bored or spoiled and she certainly is not odd. But because we have one, I can give my daughter the attention she deserves, the attention she needs and she knows that she is loved unequivocally. I have grand dreams for her - to grow up as a skilled and proud athlete and a kind and caring citizen of the earth and maybe, just maybe, she will become a doctor... but alas these are my dreams for her. She must find her own way in the world and whatever path she chooses... I will love her all the same and support her and be there for her when she needs me.

And sure I know large families where the children all love each other and support each other. But I also know families that don't speak to one another... that haven't seen each other for years or been in contact for decades. I don't think there is a perfect size of family. It is based on your experience and your own personal choices. It should not be open for discussion or debate or wonder. This is the path I have chosen; perhaps chosen for medical reasons, perhaps chosen for financial reasons or perhaps just chosen because this is what we want.

But it is our choice… it is our family.


Stephanie Campbell, proud mom of one, owns Campbell Communications - an exclusive boutique marketing, communications and business solutions company. We work with medium sized companies who require flexible and creative public relations, marketing and communications services.