Best Tricks to Solve Toddler Tantrums

Stop A Tantrum In Its Tracks

Tantrums are inevitable when you have a toddler in the house. This is an issue that many parents are not able to handle very easily. Most parenting guides and counselors emphasize the fact that parents need to deal with these tantrums very patiently. Still, there are many parents who complain about not being able to solve them.

You will need to be very good at problem solving if you want to handle your toddler's tantrums well. You will have to resist the urge to shout at your child in many situations but you need to realize that shouting will never help. You have to understand them in order to solve the issue and manage such situations.

There are a few good tricks and tips that can be made use of in these situations. Some of these tricks and techniques are mentioned below:


You need to establish certain boundaries for your child. Teach and show your child how far he can go, push, and test. This is not very difficult to establish and can be a very helpful technique in avoiding tantrums.


Set a daily routine for your toddler. This will help in managing moods. A child needs to get enough sleep, so you will have to regulate the timings accordingly. Research has proved that toddlers who get a sufficient amount of sleep are less cranky and, therefore, throw fewer tantrums.


You need to be firm in dealing with tantrums. You should make your toddler realize that throwing tantrums will not help the cause in any way. This is very important to note. Once a toddler starts thinking that he or she will be able to pressure you, the toddler will make a habit of doing it again and again. Be fair, of course, but also be firm in order to avoid these situations from transforming into a habit.


Staying calm when your toddler is throwing tantrums can be extremely difficult. It becomes even more difficult to handle when you are in a public place. You have to understand that shouting will not help you at this point. You should stay calm and try to reason with him in a firm manner. Try to resolve the issue instead of fighting with your child.

Most parents try to find the easy way out of these situations. They believe that if you want to solve the problem, the easiest and best solution is to give in what the child wants. This is, in fact, the worst thing you can do at times like these. It is also one of the reasons why tantrums become a habit among toddlers. Shouting, bargaining, bribery and even threats will not work.

Mike has 2 kids and has been dealing with tantrums for years. When he is not writing, Mike is an action figures specialist for a children toy store.