5 Tips to Teach Empathy

Easy and Practical Tips

Most parents admit they want their children to be more empathic, compassionate and appreciative. Not only are these virtues cornerstones of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), but they are also critical for the development of other important skills such as conflict resolution, effective communication and leadership. So, how do parents teach these critical values to their children when we live in a culture of overindulgence? Here are five practical tips parents can use to build empathy and gratitude within their children:

Dr. Karyn Gordon is one of North America's leading authorities on understanding youth and Generation Y (ages 10-29). She is a corporate/family consultant, motivational speaker, media personality (expert on the national TV show, The Mom Show) and author of several books including her latest, "Dr. Karyn's Guide to the Teen Years" (published by Harper Collins). She is frequently interviewed by the news media to provide insight into the pressures facing Canadian youth. She has spoken to more than 250,000 people including teens, parents, teachers, managers and presidents on a variety of issues including self-esteem, motivation, leadership and communication. For more information, please visit drkaryn.com