When You're Expecting Your Third Child, This is Your Reality

Prepare to stand your ground

The morning sickness just might kill you.

Prepare to stand your ground when your husband’s annoyed the daily housework is not done – that while you need to keep your other children fed and amused all day, your body is pumping a copious amount of pregnancy hormones that make you swear this is your last baby. But also try to take the high road, ladies! He has no idea what you’re experiencing.

You wonder what you fussed about when you only had one child…

Oh, the glory days of just you and your wee baby bump. I know that this post partum recovery will be very different from the first time.

You will bond more with moms who also have more than one child.

You all understand each other’s daily struggles a little bit more. The constant refereeing, perpetual yelling, your high blood pressure, you know? The usual.

If you were a stickler for strick nap schedules, all natural snacks, limited screen time, etc… you may find yourself saying “Eff it! We’ll do it live!”

(aka. going with the flow to save your sanity and make it as easy as possible to survive until their bed time…)

McDonald’s becomes your friend, and you embrace it.

You’ll have a (hesitant) sense of pride when your kids know your order by heart: a medium iced coffee and 2 hash browns (YAY all day breakfast!).

Though I may sound like a Debbie Downer, there’s no greater joy than watching your children exchange hugs and kisses with each other (on their own). When you’re expecting your 3rd child also know that from my personal experience, the love I feel my my heart can hold overflows each time we bring a new baby into our family (I’m sure you know the exact feeling I’m talking about).

Being their mom is the best feeling in the world!

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