Tricks to Get Your Not Ready Kids Ready For School

Make the transition as seamless as possible

Happy kids going back to school

Let's face it: the transition from summer fun to school routine isn't an easy one. These smart moms have tips that will make going back to school easier for both you and your kids.  


The week before school starts, we slowly creep bedtime earlier and earlier each night. 
 Michelle L.

Teach your kids how to open/close backpacks, lunchboxes, and water bottles to prep them for JK.
 Janet C.

Read small children books about starting kindergarten, like The Kissing Hand the night before kindergarten and teach them to be self sufficient; with their pant zippers and buttons. 

One week before school I put my son to bed at 8:30, which is the time I put him to bed on the weekends on a school night, to get him used to going to bed early. 
 Margo T. 

August is the best time to buy back to school supplies as they are significantly cheaper. We always order Mabel's Labels and love getting all their new supplies ready in their backpacks the night before their first day. It's a tradition to get everything ready, organize their stuff and label EVERYTHING. The night before we usually have a big family dinner (so we have first day left overs) and enjoy a quiet and early night. 
 Nicole W. 

We usually take the last week of summer to chill, catch up on laundry, and have some low key fun close to home. 
 Danielle S.

First things first, a few weeks before we go shopping I go through all the closets, dressers, and desks and sort the clothes to donate or sell, then do an inventory and make a detailed list for each kid so I knew exactly what is needed for each one (including school supplies) then I would watch the flyers. When the kids were younger we would all go together, one day and get it all done, stop at McDonalds for lunch and  play in Playland for a while to burn off some energy and then get back out there! 
Mary Ann 

I also buy school items a couples of weeks before and pick up the high school timetables for the older two. Then buy two 5 star binders for each of the older two - one for the morning and one binder for the afternoon - it helps them be organized. The younger ones have fun putting all of the school items in their backpacks and picking out what they would like to eat for lunch the first week.
 Shannen H. 

I chat with them about the routines, reminders about no electronics before school and how each day will work.
 Sarah G. 

We discuss what options they would like for school lunches, and go over how each of them is getting to school - I have a lot of bus students.
 Maureen R. 

 We get all of our eye and dental exams out of the way so we don't have to take time off school.
Jennifer P. 

I always show them a photo of me and their dad in the same grade. This year it's me in grade 4 and 7. Both pictures are equally hilarious. The kids think it's fun and they like knowing that we've "been there."
 Lisa T.

I leave the bulk of clothes shopping until late September after they've had a chance to decide what's cool and what's not.
 Pamela R.

Take in their computers for battery checks, de-frag and general updates.
 Sharon S.

Ease into bedtime routines a week before and get all the shopping and organizing done and remind myself how much I will miss them all and enjoy those last weeks.
 Alison K.

Get all medical and immunizations up to date. 
 Sherrie G.

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