Instead Of, "Just A Minute!"

A child's frustration with his or her parent can continually escalate when the parent says, "Just a minute!" I love using a when/then in this case.

Example> Child, "Mooommmm, I can't do this puzzle!"
Mom, "When I am done drying these dishes, then I can help you with the puzzle." (And often the extra time helps children problem-solve their way out of their predicament.)


Andrea Loewen Nair is a former teacher & psychotherapist, now Head of School of Infinity School in London, Ontario Canada. She specializes in the connection between parents and their children. She has been our most-read writer at YMC for 2013, 2014 and 2015! Andrea's parenting help can be found here and through her website where you'll find parenting resources like the Taming Tantrums online book and I Feel Like A Bear! feelings flashcards.