Choosing the Right Camp For Your Child

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by: Our Kids
choosing the right summer camp for your child

When you hear the term “summer camp,” you may be inclined to think of a traditional, overnight camp. The fact is that there are many different types of camps including day and specialty camps, which offer the same benefits of a traditional camp.

A number of people have gone to a day camp, but when asked if they attended camp they automatically respond “no” because the idea of summer camp being a traditional, overnight camp like one featured in the famous movie Meatballs still comes to mind.

There are many great opportunities for growth, learning and development at local day camps in your area. These tend to be more affordable than an overnight summer camp, require less travel and also are great for younger kids who aren’t ready to be away from home for an extended period of time. There are even drop-in day camps, which allow parents to drop their children off a few times a week during the summer, depending on their unique work situation—an ideal solution for parents who do shift work.

The types of day camps that are available are numerous, including:

  • Multi-sport day camps (like Sportball)
  • Specialty sport day camps (soccer or baseball camp)
  • Art day camps (including music, drama or fine arts)
  • Educational camps (robotics camp, Lego camp)

Choosing the right camp really comes down to knowing your child’s interests and then finding a camp that matches those interests in your area. There are a number of resources you can go to when looking for a day camp:

  • The Our Kids Camp Locator—search by camp type and area.
  • Your city or municipality will have information about city run day camp programs in your area.
  • Your local library or museum may offer day camp programs, which are often very affordable.
  • If your child takes soccer, dance or music then check with their instructor to see if they offer a summer camp program.
  • Your board of education or private school may be able to connect you to educational specialty camps like robotics or Lego camp which are perfectly suited to your child’s academic interests.

Whether you choose day camp or an overnight camp, the summer camp experience will get your children off the couch, keep them active and provide them with many learning benefits and social skills.

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