Top 5 Adoption Myths

Common Misconceptions About Foster Care Adoption

As a foster parent, I’ve been able to play a role in several adoptions, and I’ve had many eye-openers along the way. There tends to be many misconceptions about adoption, which prevent children from finding their forever families. No longer is there that historic scenario of the unmarried teenager giving away their babyit is no longer frowned upon to have a child out of wedlocknowadays, when kids are available for adoption, it’s not usually due to the unwed state or age of the mother, but due to addictions, mental health issues, or issues affecting their ability to parent.

Here are 5 common misconceptions about foster care adoption and the reality behind each one. Maybe dispelling the myths will make a difference and help a child find a forever family.

As well as being a foster parent, Karen Elliott is a web designer and freelance artist who also works for the Yummy Mummy Club as the online editor.

She and her husband live in a small hamlet in rural Ontario with their two biological children and a continual stream of others who pass through on their childhood journey.