I Lied to My Kids About Peter Frampton

How A Little White Lie Came Full Circle

Don't ever lie to your kids about something or someone. Especially if that person is a rock star and your children are teenagers. They will never, ever forgive you even when they are moms themselves. Believe me. I know.

The back-story goes something like this: It was 1975. My daughters Erica Ehm and Leslie Ehm were in high school and they were full-fledged teens. Their singing heartthrob that year was Peter Frampton and they couldn't get enough of his music. I, their lying mom, was employed by the City of Montreal as the Director of an older adults recreational center and it was not uncommon for me to stage Bingo games for members in the afternoons.

Since I worked until five o'clock every day I usually checked in with my teenagers after school to make sure they were home and OK. This time I decided to play a joke on them. I told them Peter Frampton's grandmother had come to the center to play Bingo.

They really fell for my joke (ummm...lie). They fell very hard. They asked me to ask Grandma Frampton to ask Peter for autographed pictures. They were so excited. They were going to tell all their friends at school.

Oh, my goodness. My heart fell. The joke had gone much too far. Gulp! I had to own up to my kids that I had lied. They were so disappointed and, very miffed with me (to say the least). The results of my misdemeanor were long lasting.

From that time until this very day whenever I tell them something that they are skeptical about they say, "Sure Mom...Peter Frampton's grandmother."

Fast forward to two years ago (October 2010) when I read a Tweet from @LuxeTiffany (Tiffany Dowd, who is a pal on Twitter) explaining that her family knows Peter Frampton and they were all going to his concert that evening. My thoughts about what I had done to my children so many years before came rushing back to haunt me. I decided to tell Tiffany my mean mom Peter Frampton story. She empathized with me in a return email and then...just a few weeks ago tweeted again to say something like, 'Guess what? Another PF Concert this week.' It was our private joke.

Today, 37 years after that initial telephone call to check on my children the story comes full circle. I received a small package in the mail. I unwrapped it to find a double album titled, "Frampton Comes Alive!" and autographed: To Evelyn Journeywoman, Safe Travels. (signed) Peter Frampton.

Accompanying the package in a delicate blue envelope was a note saying, 'Dear Evelyn, Mr. Frampton sends his best. Hope you enjoy the CD! Fondly, Tiffany.'

Oh my goodness. Tiffany, what a lovely gesture. Peter, how kind of you. What a sweet, meaningful gift.

I couldn't wait to call my daughter Erica to tell her.

Know what Erica said?

'Sure Mom, Peter Frampton's Grandmother. I'll believe it when I see it.'


So I say again...Never lie to your children. Ever.

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