10 Games You Should Play - That Happen to Be Built by Women

These 10 games are amazing... and women were part of the teams that made them.

The entry point for many hearing about women who work in the games industry is more often about harassment of women in games and not more often about the work that women in games create. After being frustrated with the lack of representation in tech, women developers are then often asked to speak or write about diversity and harassment just to get a small mention of their creations, instead of being recognized for their work as developers, knowing that that work can stand on its own. While these are important conversations to have, this means even companies that are hiring women as part of their teams to create great games and women with new ventures often go unrecognized for their efforts. Their games are left in the dust even, and the work they create is erased from games history. This is not okay.

So — instead of asking a bunch of game developers to speak about women in games issues, we’re going to tell you about 10 great games you should know because the games are amazing, but also because they happen to have women working on the team or have women who haven’t often gotten the spotlight for their creative masterpieces.

Note: In the games industry “Game Designer” and “Design” usually refers to a functional role which focuses on gameplay mechanics and user experience, not art. Those listed here who have roles in art are listed as artists or art directors. Those with roles in functional and mechanics design are listed as “Game Designer” or just “Design.”

Molly produces quality single and multiplayer experiences from start to finish. Her games are collaborative efforts where she leads a team of talent to get the job done by first establishing estimates, requirements, and a go-to-market strategy for each product. She has worked as a game producer and designer on mobile, web, and Facebook projects, focusing on the casual and social games space. She has also worked on advert games with large brands who want to extend their reach into the social and mobile games industry. Currently, Molly is the CEO of Ker-Chunk Games, where she is leading a team of developers to create cross-platform, social and casual intellectual properties. You can follow her on Twitter @bitterwinsome